Sitesense energy management

Energy optimization for refrigerated facilities.

Enterprise grade energy management software for optimizing industrial operations, reducing energy intensity, and creating a more sustainable future.

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Break through your sustainability goals

The #1 Energy Management Solution for Industrial Refrigeration Facilities

Reduce energy intensity across your facility portfolio and optimize industrial operations. Integrate energy, production, and facility IoT/sensor data in a single, enterprise-grade solution. SiteSense helps you break through sustainability goal barriers and energy challenges.

Create a sustainability culture

Over 20 energy-focused training courses covering best practice system operations for industrial refrigeration operators. Courses cover:

  • Common alarms and their impact on efficiency

  • Equipment-level tuning

  • Holistic system optimization

Case Studies

Case Study: Fortune 500 Foodservice Leader Achieves 26% Energy Reduction in Q1 2023

Learn how SiteSense reduced annual energy usage by 1.4 million kWh despite a 5% increase in production for a client in the industrial refrigeration industry.


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