Platform Overview

SafetyAmp is modern Safety, Health, Environment, and Quality software and a market leader in configurability. SafetyAmp will help your organization handle its safety and compliance requirements all in a single easy-to-use solution.


Consolidate your compliance records, forms, and other data in one highly configurable and easy to use platform.


Create automations that eliminate repetitive compliance work allowing your teams to be more productive.


Configure real-time reports the way you need them and deliver personalized, role-based dashboards to your teams.


Drive increases in participation, empower a proactive safety culture, and achieve your compliance goals.


Core Functionality Across The Platform

Create Engagement & Promote Safety Culture

SafetyAmp helps you streamline, standardize, and simplify your safety, quality, and other compliance processes with a connected and comprehensive platform anyone can use.

  • Our simple user interface makes it easy for employees to submit reports

  • Automate real-time notifications to prompt faster response

  • Easily aggregate your data in a way that makes sense to leadership

  • Promote a positive safety culture across your workforce

Manage EHSQ From Anywhere, Anytime

Using a web browser from any device, quickly access your organizations safety, quality, and compliance data.

  • Works on any device with a browser, including smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices

  • View dashboards and run reports

  • Conduct audits, review incidents, and manage your recordkeeping

  • Easily complete or assign action items to employees

Own your EHSQ ops.
Reshape your safety culture.

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