Save hundreds of hours managing safety training activities, certifications, and programs.

Unlock valuable time, improve efficiency, and achieve seamless safety training program management - all within a single, user-friendly platform.

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Ensure Optimal Learning Outcomes for your Team

5 Safety Training Content Library (400+ courses available)

Track and Coordinate Safety Training

Easily enroll employees into training courses, whether they're in a classroom or taken online - then visualize training history and compliance across multiple locations.

  • SCORM-compatible

  • Library of 400+ courses from partner training providers

  • Create online training courses

  • Quickly view employee training history

  • Schedule classroom training sessions

  • Manage training renewals

  • Eliminate lost certificates

  • Built-in reports for training compliance

Why Choose SafetyAmp?

Our extensive Learning Management System allows you to dispatch knowledge and required certificates to teams across your site portfolio.

  • Our platform caters to all learning styles and scenarios, ensuring effective knowledge retention.

  • Take control of the learning experience with our configurable class structure. Tailor the training journey to match your organizational needs.

  • Deliver targeted safety training regimens at every level, putting safety directly into the hands of your workforce.


Key Features and Benefits

Own your EHSQ ops.
Reshape your safety culture.

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