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Hazard Communication Online Training

Every janitorial closet contains hazardous materials. We tend to forget that substances as common as cleaning supplies are hazardous. The more common a substance, the less attention we pay to ensure it’s handled, stored, and cleaned up properly. This lax treatment of chemicals leads to mistakes and exposure to toxic, flammable, or corrosive materials.

Have you ever painted without proper masking or ventilation? Have you ever knocked over bleach and just wiped it up with paper towels? How about something a little more hazardous? Did you know or follow proper handling and spill containment procedures? Your safety, along with those of your coworkers, should be top of mind when working with hazardous materials.

Your company is required to have hazardous materials handling procedures clearly documented. You will need to be trained in processes regarding handling of materials and hazard communication. Hazard communication includes hazardous chemical lists, safety data sheets, storage requirements, compliance with rules or regulations, and an emergency plan in case of spills.

It is critical that you remain informed and aware of any hazardous materials being used. Each type has specific risks, PPE requirements, containment, and decontamination processes. Having these requirements communicated proactively will allow you to stay  informed and understand your role in both handling the material daily and what to do in case of an emergency.

This training will break down

  • Hazard communication basics
  • Hazardous materials safety training
  • and spill containment

This online course is available in both English and Spanish.

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